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January 12, 2021

Akemona's beta release 1.2 contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  1. Added a Helpful Links page under Resources menu for tracking of additional resources.
  2. Fixed tag line issue - Google search was picking up a meta-data item incorrectly as the Akemona tag line. 
  3. Borrower and investor dashboards are optimized for improved performance.
  4. Delay in sending borrower welcome emails fixed.
  5. Improvements in connecting to mobile MetaMask wallet app through WalletConnect.
  6. Improvements in connecting to mobile Coinbase wallet app through WalletLink.
  7. Wallet connection workflow improved.
  8. Accredited investors are now requested to upload relevant documents based on their response to eligibility question.
  9. Enhanced accredited investor documents upload - Accredited investors can now check "upload later" check-box to upload documents after registration.
  10. During registration, investors can view the Education Center in a pop-up window without leaving the registration workflow.
  11. Minor enhancements and fixes which are too numerous to be mentioned individually.
  12. Offchain investment fixes.
  13. Products and Services page added.
  14. Team, banner and offering images can be cropped and uploaded. Images don't have to be exact size now. They just need to be bigger than the required size.
  15. Smart contract link on the home page fixed.
  16. Legal page completed.
  17. Updated maximum raise amounts to $5 million.
  18. All hyperlinks in the Education Center should be working now. Also, updated the content of the Education Center.
  19. Updated disclaimers include Akemona Technologies, LLC.
  20. Whitepaper is updated.
  21. Principal security holders cannot have more than 100% equity interest in the issuer.
  22. When a user entered a comment, the comment count was not getting updated - fixed.